Friday, 20 January 2017

Sammydress Mini Haul

TGIF. For real. I find it upsetting that I'm currently living for the weekend, but I guess it makes me appreciate my Saturdays and Sundays more. Fridays also provide me with an excuse to browse through a shopping site of choice until my heart's content,
The items from this little haul however, were very kindly sent to me from Sammydress; pretty pieces that are slotting into my wardrobe very nicely.

01. I know embroidered everything is everywhere, but I could not resist this little gem. It just gives that classic biker style something different and I am all for twists on classics (aperol in my prosecco - you know the drill.) The hummingbird design is so delicate - I wish I was quite so skilled with a needle and thread.

02. This marshmallow jacket is perfect to adding an extra element of colour or texture to a wintery look. It's super soft but still retains a structured fit,perfect for just throwing on when you need a sugary injection of pink.

03. These shoes have to be the real stars of the haul though. They came through my door on New Year's Eve so I was eager to wrestle open to box and stagger around Liverpool in them. I find this style of heel so much more comfortable, supportive and actually easy to wear for extended periods of dancing. A true new fave.

Which is your favourite piece?


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Winter VIPme review

jumper - George
jeans - Zara
coat - VIPme
bag - Gamiss

These photos were taken by the wonderful DK Morris around Liverpool. 

Unable to quite believe it's 2017, but here we are. A new year, a new season and a new coat. How perfect that for the colder weather I have been lucky enough to get a piece of clothing that is anything but dull.
I have a thing for coats. Whether the pavements be frosty or drenched in sunlight, I will often reach for my trusty leather jacket or duster, to add that extra layer of interest to an outfit. I have never really had (shock horror) a really nice longline number suitable for the colder months.
Cue VIPme.
A true treasure trove of pieces,with just about everything you could ever wish for. As winter was approaching, I decided to choose a coat, which VIPme were kind enough to send to me.
I wanted something classic, yet with something a little more. Naturally, when I saw this chic camel number with a splash of red adorning the back, I could not resist.
The quality is the thing that surprised me the most. It's lovely and soft, as well as being well put together, something which is often overlooked in this world of fast fashion. And pockets! Actual real pockets which I can put things in. 

VIPme have very kindly given me a discount code Georgia485 which can get you $5 off a $50 order. Would also recommend a peek around, as they have some gorgeous things in the sale right now. 

Would you wear this coat?


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

White Christmas

Jumper - StyleWe
Scarf - Sammydress
Coat - H&M
Bag - Gamiss
Heels - Primark

(Is the faux bob still a thing? Regardless, for me it still is very much a thing. Mostly by accident, but that definitely does not matter.)

I've never really been a day dress person, but when that dress is knitted in nature, I can make an exception. This high neck bodycon is quickly becoming a go-to piece. 
 Keeping true to their name, Stylewe never fail in the style stakes, offering just about everything you could ever want. The knitwear has to be my favourite section however; my layering dreams are always heartily satisfied.

Did everyone enjoy their Christmas (if you celebrate it) and New Years? I was lucky enough to return to beloved Liverpool with one of my favourite people. Prosecco and presents all round.


Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Feeling Blue

Bralet - PPZ
Bottoms - PPZ

Pretty underwear has become one of 'those things' for me. Browsing through instagram or whilst out shopping, there's something about that delicate embroidery or matching laciness that I'm drawn to. What you wear underneath your outfit can help you feel that bit more put together, something that I need every ounce of help with that I can get. 
This PPZ set is in my absolute favourite shade. Just before black, midnight blue retains the same effortless chic that goes with just about everything. Plus, the bralet has sparkles. What's not to like?


Friday, 23 December 2016

Back to Black

Jumper - Zaful
Trousers - Primark
Hat - Missguided
Bag - Gamiss
Boots - Dresslily

Predictable maybe, but you can never go wrong with an all black outfit. Although my last post highlighted the joys of a little brightness in your wardrobe, black will continue to be the foundation and the base to embellish with those little jewels of colour. 
Regardless, I feel uber badass, and that's really all that matters.

This jumper is the staple I never knew I needed. I (obviously) possess closets full of black clothing, but not a simple black jumper which is practical for the winter season. The eyelet tie detailing on either side gives it that extra something to add a little interest to an outfit.

This bag very quickly became my work bag as it's that perfect mix of professional before it becomes a briefcase. It's super chic and the minimal silver hardware means it's appropriate for any occasion. 

My firm favourite of my newly gifted black items however, has to be these boots. I'm pretty sure they don't need an introduction (just look at them!); give me stud detail and pointed toes and I cannot resist. 

Which piece would you wear?


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Brights

Jumper - Gamiss
Trousers - Primark
Boots - Dresslily
Bag - Gamiss

Jumper - Gamiss

Lingerie set - Gamiss

Top - Zaful
Trousers - Primark
Jacket - NineLives
Boots - Dresslily

Whilst I'm all for a wardrobe of muted nudes and greys, winter is an ideal opportunity to inject a little colour back into the palette. 

This jumper is potentially one of my absolute favourites. That geometric print against the khaki backdrop is perfect for the season and is something different amongst my existing knitwear. The fact it's actually practical and warm is merely a bonus.

Obsessing over pretty underwear at the moment and this set is an ideal addition to my collection. Incredibly delicate, yet perfectly detailed, I was very impressed by the quality of the set and how comfy it is. The perfect gift to find in your Christmas stocking (there's definitely an undergarment pun in there somewhere.)

Give me a statement t combined with a Joy Division lyric and I'm sold. The back of this super cute crop is sheer and is ideal for pairing with a high waisted skirt or beloved bomber for that much needed pop of colour. Though I'm pretty sure it'll be the game of monopoly that tears us apart this festive season.

Which is your favourite piece?


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